If you are stumped on which lodging or hotel to choose during your stay, the singapore serviced apartment is the perfect choice. If it is your first time stepping in SG, it is easy to get confused. The capital is a thriving place that is constantly vibrating with energy. The thick crowd of people and unending stream of vehicles, needless to say, is overwhelming for some.

Plus, it has tons of hotels and accommodations that have sprawled around the city. How can you find a perfect place while on your stay in SG, especially when all are promising to have the best services? When you visit places for the first time, the initial thought is probably to book a room in some Singapore serviced apartments. But, you must know that there is another option available for you.

What makes serviced apartments unique?

You have already discerned the most basic trait, distinguishing a serviced apartment from a hotel. It is the setup! The serviced apartment is an apartment in the truest sense of the word with the snug sensation of a home that a hotel can’t give off. Here are the differences between serviced apartments from hotels:

  • Fewer attendants. Fewer attendants are fussing over you, and you take care of most things on your own, like you are in your own home. You have no doormen or valet at your disposal. It is a perfect arrangement for those more self-sufficient and those with a constant presence of attendants somewhat nervous. If this is your time staying in a serviced apartment, it is best to inquire about the services and amenities included in the package.
  • No room service. The unwritten code of self-sufficiency makes this lodging not come with room service.
  • Bring your toiletries. It might come as a surprise to the people, but yes, it is. You may have grown accustomed to using the hotel’s bathroom filled with signature shampoos, soaps etc. It would not happen in the serviced apartment and you are free to choose personal shampoo over products you are not familiar with.
  • Privacy and space. Service apartments in SG consist of beds, TVs, and more – the barest essentials that help you get through the day. Serviced apartments offer more. It is why they are branded as a home away from home since they have the most important and most common amenities present in the home. You have the freedom to do all you want. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the luxury of your own space.
  • Price. There is not a glaring difference in price, yet serviced apartments are lower in charges or have cheaper prices compared to hotels.