Evaluating the cabinetry in your kitchen before starting a new look is essential. When debating new kitchen cabinets, consider that refinishing has three major advantages over replacement when entertaining is done in an outdated kitchen nook. Old cabinet features can dampen the spirits of the home cook. It is easy to refinish cabinets with Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA. The cabinet contractor keeps the existing cabinets but changes the visual elements. A new coat of paint or stain is applied after the old paint or stain has been removed and sanded, minor repairs have been made, and the surface has been sanded.

To replace the kitchen cabinets, the existing hardware must be dismantled and thrown out before the new ones can be installed. If the cabinets are old, extremely worn out, or have been repaired several times over the years refinish them with Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA, it’s a good idea to install new cabinets. Typically, premium kitchen cabinets will last between 20 and 30 years if made from high-quality materials. It is better to refinish the cabinets to preserve the superior materials of a home with quality cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA

It is common for cabinets to be made from particle board, a cheap material that deteriorates rapidly after a few years. Newer kitchen cabinets come with various quality problems that homeowners must be aware of when purchasing them. The new cabinets will only last for a while once they’re purchased. Homeowners who attempt to fix these problems end up paying more. Poorly designed cabinets have doors that sag, drawers that rattle, and hinges that wear loose.

A common characteristic of high-quality kitchen cabinets is that they are constructed from plywood. Plywood resists moisture better than particle board, making it a better choice around sinks and other areas susceptible to spills. Homeowners pay between $1800 and $2800 for refinishing kitchen cabinets. It’s much less expensive than replacing cabinets. Replacing cabinets can cost nearly four times as much as refinishing. Several factors determine how much it costs to refinish the kitchen cabinets, but the average cost is $2400.