We all know that HVAC systems require maintenance and therefore, we should keep aside some amount from our budget. The cost of maintenance will depend on the type of unit, area of the house, type of appliances, etc. Overall, we can give you an average estimation of the cost of maintenance of HVAC service providers such as AM Heat Cool service providers available at https://amheatcool.com/

Annual maintenance cost

The annual maintenance cost will lie around $75 to $200. When we say annual maintenance we are considering the servicing of your HVAC system twice a year. The additional cost of repair or replacement may vary. These kinds of services would cost you more, especially when it’s an emergency. The air conditioner and furnace will cost around $70-200 each.

Cost of various HVAC units

The cost will also vary according to the unit type. The split system connects individual rooms with the outdoor unit. They are more expensive than centralized systems with an estimation of $200-300. The heat pump system is comparatively more efficient in saving energy. It lowers the cost to $75-150. The packaged heating system is usually used in commercial setups for covering a larger area. The cost of such a system rises to $450-550. You can choose the installation of the HVAC unit depending on the budget and the purpose.

Cost of repair of HVAC system

Apart from maintenance that covers servicing and adjustments, repairing requires additional costs. Installation of HVAC can cost around $3000-12000. Part replacement depends on the cost of a particular part. So, capacitor replacement can cost you $100-250 whereas compressor replacement can cost about $3000. Cleaning of the HVAC systems will be required. Depending on the complexity of cleaning, such as duct cleaning; the cost can vary from $50-1000. The emergency repair will be expensive. We advise you to consult certified professionals for HVAC services.

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