Have you recently gotten a traffic ticket or other driving violation? The worst thing you can do is nothing at all! Don’t just place the ticket in your glove compartment and forget about it. Ignoring a ticket may result in further penalties, court expenses, arrest warrants, or even jail time. The lawyers often handle traffic cases and resolve traffic penalties. We will make every effort to keep your speeding ticket, traffic violation, or moving violation off your record, or to minimize or remove the points you will receive on your driving record. This should minimize or remove the impact of the infraction on your insurance costs to fix traffic tickets st louis.

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Various Types of Tickets

  • There are several forms of traffic citations, as you are probably aware: speeding penalties, failing to yield, running a red light, negligent and imprudent driving, causing an accident, and so on. However, among all of those many forms of citations, there are two main categories of traffic tickets that attorneys handle: those that need us to appear in court and those that do not. Many small speeding citations do not necessitate a court appearance, but others do. We can handle either type at Affordable Legal Services. Of course, we prefer not to go to court and can handle the ticket via the phone, fax, or email.
  • Keep in mind that most persons who try to handle traffic issues on their own (sometimes in an attempt to save money) frequently have to appear in court and must often miss work or otherwise inconvenience them in order to do so. Attorneys, on the other hand, can employ specific regulations to avoid appearing in court, allowing you to avoid going.
  • Save yourself the trouble and time. Hire traffic lawyer to help you with your fix traffic tickets st louis. If you have any issues regarding your traffic ticket, please contact us before paying it and moving on. Consider your options before simply paying the ticket. Simply paying will almost always cause your insurance to rise (and stay up) for three years. You will also be out the money for the fine.