Do you need a good laugh? You only need to look at the colourful world of Telugu films! The comedic jewels in South Indian cinema are abundant and offer a distinctive blend of humorous characters, relevant situations, and clever dialogue. A Telugu comedy film will have you rolling on the floor, from the clever wordplay of “Thika Maka Thanda” to the slapstick antics of “Bootcut Balaraju.” What’s the best thing, then? With so many of these videos available on well-known OTT platforms, finding humour is now simpler than ever.

1 – Thika Maka Thanda

“Thika Maka Thanda” is a Telugu film that centres on a widespread social issue that impairs the mental health of its citizens. The film is set in a fictional village in the nineties. The core plot revolves around the theft of a sacred idol of Goddess Durga. This forces the locals to band together in order to find the elusive perpetrator. Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, Yani, Rekha Nirosha, Shivanarayana, Rocket Raghava, and Yadham Raju are among the cast members in this engaging story, which is directed by Venkata and contains music by Suresh Bobbili. With a blend of social topics, music, and mystery, “Thika Maka Thanda” provides a fascinating look at the village’s colourful characters and resolution.

2 – Bootcut Balaraju

“Bootcut Balaraju” is a charming Telugu love comedy available on aha video, taking place in the mischievous town of Sri Rangapuram. The film follows Balaraju, played by Syed Sohel Ryan, a carefree young man who spends his days going around with pals. His childhood friend Mahalakshmi, portrayed by Meghalekha, becomes the love of his life. To win her love, Balaraju must win the Sarpanch elections against Patelamma. Ryan and Meghalekha deliver strong performances, and the film’s colourful characters and concept of overcoming cultural rules for love are highlights. “Bootcut Balaraju” is a gripping blend of humour and love, full of laughs, turmoil, and beautiful romance.

3 – Boys Hostel

“Boys Hostel,” which premiered on August 25, 2023, follows Ajith (Prajwal BP), an aspiring filmmaker in Thunga Boys Hostel. His dream of making a short film is dashed when the hostel warden (Manjunath Nayaka) is discovered dead, with a note accusing Ajith and his roommates (Srivatsa Shyam, Tejas Jayanna, Bharath Vashisht, and Aniruddha) of his apparent suicide. Seeking assistance from seniors such as Genie (Nithin Krishnamurthy) and Swami, the gang navigates a night of suspense and intrigue. The film is filled with drama and mystery as the crew races against time to discover the truth about the warden’s death.


It’s now easier than ever to watch A Telugu comedy film because of the growth of OTT channels. These humorous flicks are now available for you to watch at home. You can explore different genres and find hidden treasures by browsing the extensive library of Telugu comedies available on aha video. Due to its accessibility, Telugu cinema has become a popular destination for humour worldwide, allowing a wider audience to experience a new world of laughter.

So, don’t be afraid to explore the Telugu comedy treasure trove the next time you’re in the mood for a good chuckle. Telugu cinema promises to make you grin and give you a newfound appreciation for the power of laughter with its varied offerings, realistic situations, and clever humour.